We don’t photograph everything. Our subject matter: street scenes, genre scenes, everyday life, man first as a landscape, then the land and sea that surround him. Particularities are privileged, because “progress” erases them. Plastic before information. It’s a good thing, national particularities are beautiful. In Madagascar among other countries.

This site is a showcase in all senses: The photographer steals and exposes glimpses of eternity. No one sees them, but everyone feels it as a secret of life. In fact the photographer is in infinite search of the same object as the painters, everywhere and nowhere: Beauty.



Rates and availability of photos

High Definition files (10 to 110 MB, RGB, .tiff) are sent to you via We Transfer at the following rate: 20 € or 22 US $.
Local price (Madagascar): 60.000 ariary
This tariff gives a “unique” reproduction right (one campaign). For exclusive use: ask us.
This tariff is valid for all imaginable modes of distribution.
A consultation DVD with printed memento is available free of charge at our office.
To obtain the High Definition files, contact us by email or use our form by stipulating the country and the reference number of the photo in the said country (or the full title of the photo).
This site is open to any photographer wishing to complete the countries listed. Please contact us for more information.